Fundraising With Tile Murals Plus Is As Easy as 1…2…3!

1. Invest… in a Tile Murals Plus ceramic or glass tile mural as a fundraising opportunity. You provide the image or graphic, determine the size, style and number of tiles, and we’ll do the rest!

2. Sell… individual tiles to your members, community, or others to raise funds. You choose the “selling” price, based upon how much you’d like to raise. Hold an event or set a time frame. Because your donors don’t receive an actual tile for their donation, make sure to give each donor a “thank-you” rememberance for their generosity. We offer small tiles, cork-backed coasters, key chains, lapel pins, magnets, etc. as thank-you gifts.

3. Install… your tile mural as a fine addition to your facility’s decor, permanently or as framed hanging art.

A Fundraising Example:
The West Valley Club needed new appliances for their kitchen. During a board meeting, Bill brings up the idea of Tile Murals Plus as a way to raise funds. As they explore the idea, his friend Bob points out that the foyer to their banquet room could use some sprucing up.

After taking some measurements in the foyer, they go to the pricing page at and determine that they want a 4’x4′ ceramic tile mural of 6″x6″ tiles, showing the view of the valley and with the West Valley Club logo. Bill takes a great digital photo and they ask their printer for the club’s logo.

Here’s the breakdown:
There will be 64 tiles in the mural at an investment of $1253.76*. They also want a “thank-you” gift for their donors, so they decide on cork-backed wood coasters with the same image… and 64 of these are $198.40*… for a total investment of: $1452.16*, or less than $23.00* per tile, including the thank-you gift.

The Event:
Because they are going to permanently install the mural, they decide to lay it out on a table and “sell” each tile for $50.00. They will also “pre-sell” to anyone who may be interested. All the tiles are sold by the end of the evening and they’ve realized a gain of over $1700… enough for the new appliances.

*Dollar amounts shown here are used as examples only and are subject to change without notice. NYS sales tax (if applicable) and shipping are additional. See our Pricing Page for current information.

Not Sure How To Get Started? Contact Us. We’ll be pleased to work with you on your next fundraising project.

A tile mural is not quite what you were thinking of? Consider other fundraising options, such as coasters, mugs, or keychains!

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