Accent Tiles


Accent Tiles Add So Much to Your Project

Use accent tiles from Tile Murals Plus to add a dash of personalization in backsplashes, inserts, or to simply dress up a tile wall. Use your unique imagination to create just the right insert tile. Photos, copy, logos or virtually any artwork can be incorporated into accent tiles. We use ceramic tiles, tempered glass tiles, stone-like porcelain tiles, and hardboard wood tiles to create just the right image for your project.

Just imagine the possibilities of using your own custom designed accent tiles on your next project. Instead of a solid white wall in that new bathroom, see pictures of spring flowers scattered throughout. And not just any spring flowers, photos you have taken of those in your own garden! “How did you ever do that?” friends will ask. Or maybe you are a Do It Yourselfer who is trying to come up with a unique way to brighten up a dull and boring wall in the den. How about using gloss finish wood tiles with a variety of personal photos printed on them. More exciting than just hanging a photo. Or… printing your personal photos on glass or even ceramic tile. As you can see, because Tile Murals Plus does only custom work, we can offer a variety of items that the others may not be able to offer. Nothing is “canned”. You will never find “standard” murals at Tile Murals Plus. We have been from the start, and always will be the artisans  you can count on to make your project shine.

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