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Providing Your Own Artwork or Photos

Understanding Artwork To Insure The Best Quality Image.
You don’t need to be a graphic arts guru to insure a quality product from Tile Murals Plus. That’s our job. We will never produce a tile mural or product with a file that we know you won’t be pleased with.

Tile Murals Plus can also take your photo (even ones that don’t meet minimum resolution standards) and “convert” them into a wide variety of artwork styles, including: watercolor, pastels, charcoal, graphic pen and many more!

And remember, if the information below looks like “gobbltygook” to you, don’t be intimidated! We’re here to help! So, if you have any questions, don’t understand the process, or have concerns about any aspect of your artwork or photos, then PLEASE… contact us immediately!

Digital Artwork Format:
We can only accept .jpg files in RGB. If you are saving in a program like Photoshop®, make sure you save in the highest quality. If you have a digital camera, this is the format that the camera automatically produces a photo in.

File Size:
BIGGER is usually BETTER! Normally, the larger the file size, the better the resolution (see “Resolution” below). However, overly large files won’t print any better than files at the correct resolution (see below). Files for individual tiles can normally be sent via email due to smaller file size, while larger files used in full murals may need to be sent to us via “Hightail” (See “Sending Digital Files” below) or via CD-ROM.

Minimum resolution for our process is: 150 pixels/inch at size being used. Anything over 200 pixels/inch at size is unnecessary. 200 pixels/inch is preferred. Also, it’s often possible to use more than one digital photo on a mural… like a panorama. We can “stitch” such photos together to make one large picture. Call us for details.
You’ve determined that the size of your mural is 24″ wide x 36″ high. You’ve found a photo on your camera that will fit this proportion. In order to meet minimum resolution, the file size should be approximately 4 megabytes or 2400 x 3600 pixels. Many digital cameras don’t make this large of an image. Contact us and we can discuss options.

If You Are Working in, and Understand Photoshop®:
Your photo or artwork should be saved as a highest quality .jpg (.jpeg) in RGB format at 150 (minimum) to 200 (preferred) pixels/inch at the size it will be printed. Note: Do not “upsample” or enlarge an original photo to achieve the proper resolution… it won’t work. Downsampling or reducing a photo to achieve the correct resolution works fine.
Example 1: 
You are printing a single 6″ x 6″ tile. Your “Document Size” will be – Width: 6 inches, Height: 6 inches, Resolution: 150 (or up to 200, preferred) pixels/inch.
Example 2: 
You are printing a mural consisting of 6″ x 6″ tiles. The mural is 5 tiles wide (30″) x 4 tiles high (24″) Your “Document Size” will be – Width: 30 inches, Height: 24 inches, Resolution: 150 (or up to 200, preferred) pixels/inch.

This sounds obvious, but putting a square image into a long skinny rectangle probably won’t work.

Use of Solid Colors in Artwork:
Use of large areas of solid colors is discouraged. If you must use a large, solid area of color in your tile, such as for a background, please be aware that some very slight variation of tone across the solid color field will most likely occur in your finished tile. This is due to our printing process and is generally not considered objectionable. If the solid color is necessary to your design, please contact us as we have several options we can discuss with you that will minimize this effect.

Anything flat may be scanned… even cloth or marble tiles! And, of course, photographs and artwork. Glossy photos work best. Scanning of printed material is not recommended. Our maximum in-house scanning size is: 8.5″ x 11″, however, larger items can be accommodated… contact us for more information.

We respect all copyright laws.
Here’s our reproduction policy:
In our role as printer, all copy or other material submitted by the customer for use by Tile Murals Plus in producing the items ordered is accepted by Tile Murals Plus as being in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, servicemark, copyright, right of privacy, patent contractural limitations, or similar protection. It is further assumed, that any applicable usage fees have been paid by the customer prior to submission to Kershner Studios.

Sending Artwork:
For files under 2 megabytes, email is preferred. Larger digital files may be transmitted to us via (a free service) or physically sent on CD-ROM via USPS, FedX, or UPS. Flat art, to be scanned may be shipped to us the same way.

All of our custom murals are proofed via email before production.

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